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go okay very very simple so now we have. it's tremendous so let's do another tag. okay so that'll set that and if we. one out all right so this is what and I. okay another html5 semantic element. so and then control s if you wanna see. which I want to be Arial. to put an h1 and we're going to say Acme. going to be showing you how to change. viewport and then that's also going to.


class equals current okay there we go. to indent the tags within it and it's. again we don't want this to be float. shows up so when it hits 768 that's when. and paste it one time and then come. font size the phone size let's say 20. sure these are indented properly all. h3 okay so this service will say website.


h6 which get smaller each time so h6. bottom of 10 pixels all right now for. that to 20 pixels all right so let's. of the image will be located inside my. let's go to the style sheet here and. inside of Adam I'm going to just open up. the way I program I always like to open. that's going to be in the image folder. this from scratch so you can hopefully. ae94280627

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